Critical Illness Cover

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Critical illness cover is designed to payout on the diagnosis of a critical illness that is names on the insurance policy. Critical illnesses named on the policies would generally include things such as a heart attack, cancer, a stroke or any of the other listed illnesses.

Critical illness cover is paid out on diagnosis of the covered condition, rather than the inability to go to work becuase of the condition. The lump sum can be used however the insured wants – pay off the mortgage, make changes to their home or any other purpose.

The chances of surviving a debilitating critical illness are so much higher now than they were even twenty years ago, but the financial consequences can be enormous and unpredictable – would you want to continue in a high pressure job however well paid after a serious illness?

Independent and Whole of Market

Critical Illness Cover Advice

  • Pays out lump sum on diagnosis of critical illness
  • The lump sum payout can be used for any purpose
  • Can be combined with a life insurance policy
  • Fully independent whole of market unbiased advice
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That all depends on your circumstances and family needs. Speak with an adviser who can help work it out with you and point you in the right direction.

Every critical illness cover provider has a different range of what they class as criticall illness. This is why it is important to check the cover levels and not just buy the cheapest option that comes up on a price comparison website.

CIC can be combined with a life policy to provide cover in the event of loss of life or critical illness. In fact it is usually much cheaper to do it this way. It can also be run along side an income protection policy as the benefits are different, CIC pays out a lump sum and income protection usually pays out monthly.

Critical Illness Cover

Because critical illness cover criteria varies massively between insurance providers and the rules around eligibility are so complex, there is no such thing as a straightforward case. Not all providers cover all critical illness in the same way – there are different levels of cancer or heart attack for example.

We can take you through this complex insurance market and find the right protection product for your circumstances, which could potentially save you hundreds of pounds now, whilst ensuring that it doesn’t cost you thousands of pounds in the future.

Let us help find you the perfect critical illness cover to protect you and your family.