Family Income Benefit

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Family income benefit is a great insurance product to cover the main breadwinner of a household who doesn’t want to risk the family lifestye diminishing if the worst case happened to them. Unlike standard life insurance it does not pay out a lump sum, rather it pays out a regular monthly income for a set period of time. You might not want your loved ones to have the burden of a large single payout that they would need to invest wisely at a difficult time. Regular monthly payments similar to a take home wage can help ensure a standard of living more easily.

Independent and Whole of Market

Family Income Benefit

  • Pays out regular tax free income
  • Can be cost effective in comparison with other types of policy
  • Can have alongside a traditional life cover policy
  • Fully independent whole of market unbiased advice
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Family income benefit is different to income protection because income protection covers you when you can’t work due to ill health or accident. Family income benefit covers your family on bereavement.

Any life policy can be written into a trust including family income benefit. Having the policy in trust means it is not part of your estate and probate is thus not needed.

Yes it can. However, It may only be marginally more expensive to take out 2 separate policies thereby ensuring 2 payouts where the absolute worst to happen and both Mother and Father were to perish during the term.

Family Income Benefit

We can take you through this complex insurance market and find the right protection product for your circumstances, which could potentially save you hundreds of pounds now, whilst ensuring that it doesn’t cost you thousands of pounds in the future.

Let us help find you the perfect family income benefit to protect you and your family.